Painting and Decorating: As easy as it looks?

20th January 2017

A lot of people assume that when they need something painting, it’ll be easy to get it done themselves. However, it’s never quite as easy as it looks – if painting and decorating was easy, there would be no need for us here at GME! Having the right tools and equipment (as well as experience and confidence) is vital for the job to be completed to a high standard. So, we’ve made a few top tips for successful home DIY.

Firstly, preparation is the biggest task at hand when painting. Realistically, more time should be spent on prep work than the main painting jobs. This should be because doing 60%-70% before carrying out the job will mean painting is actually easier, whilst achieving an exceptional finish.

Prep work can include using filler, getting rid of old paint, grouting or silicone filling of cracks – this all needs to be done before any painting work should start! Whilst it may seem like the oldest trick in the book, this is usually where errors are made, as most people think buying a ‘one-coat’ tin of pain will be a quick fix. When usually, there is no quick fix!

Using good quality tools is our second tip. Using cheap brushes and cheap paint will have an impact on the quality of the result. Cheap brushes will hold less paint, meaning you will have to work harder for a lesser finish. Cheap paint will last half the time and in the end, mean it will cost you twice the price!

Our final tip is: do all the cutting in and edges of the room first. You’ll find that the job will be a lot easier, be done quicker, and results will be better. Start from the top of the wall and work downwards, and only dipping the brush about a quarter of the way in to the paint tin. This is particularly a good tip for those who seem to get more paint on them then the room they’re painting.

However, if you’ve decided that it’s easier just to get the pro’s in, then give GME a call. We’re a commercial painting contractors based in Wakefield, and are always happy to talk about any job you wish to discuss. Our number is 01924 723 723.


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