Ulster Yarns

The Project

Ulster Yarns is a textile manufacturer based in Dewsbury, producing a range of high-quality yarns from different types of wools, in a factory with a floor measuring 3600 square feet.

In a two-week renovation project, GME prepared and redecorated the factory throughout, including general paintwork, spray painting floors and walls, and the application of internal and external cladding.

Our Approach

To ensure the safe and timely execution of the project, our team completed substantial preparation work for the Ulster Yarns factory renovation, such as sweeping and scraping floors to remove grease. We also carefully planned our project to fit around the client’s specifications and factory schedule.

During the process, we were able to avoid disruption to factory hours by cordoning off areas for redecoration, safely painting around both portable and fixed machinery with our clean and careful workmanship. For high and hard-to-reach areas, we used cherry pickers.

To ensure that the finished results were suitable for a busy work environment with heavy traffic and machinery, we chose specialist materials such as non-slip floor paint and cladding, to deliver durable and long-lasting results.

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