Window Spraying

Window spraying can instantly revitalise tired-looking windows and truly enhance the appearance of your home.

Over time your window frames can start to show signs of ageing, with fading, cracking or bubbling making the exterior of your property look shabby and run down.

GME’s window spraying service costs much less than replacing your windows and, as well as giving your home a fresh new look, it can increase its value.

We’re uPVC window spraying experts but have the skills, training and experience to handle a variety of window types

Our specialist window spraying technicians can refresh, refurbish and restore your windows quickly and with little disruption to your home, giving you a clean, modern-looking result in any colour you choose.

Compared to replacing your windows, spray painting your existing windows typically costs less than half the price and quickly and conveniently returns them to showroom standard.

We use high-quality specialist paint that’s guaranteed for 10 years, and our highly-skilled team will spray your windows and doors on site, so there’s no building work at your house, mess or hassle for you to worry about. 

GME’s trusted, professional team will keep your home clean and tidy and cause minimal disruption.

For more information on GME’s cost-effective window spraying services, please call us on 01924 723723 or email

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