Specialist coatings and finishes

As an established painting and decorating company, our experienced team know exactly the right finish for the job. Not only do we advise on the best solution but we are experts at applying specialist products, fully trained in bespoke painting techniques.

We use a range of products including Buzzi Skin wall paper to create stunning rooms or featured walls. From wall graphics to showcase a large image or striking wall paper for impressive walls, staircases, receptions or hallways, our team can do it all.

Experts in applying specialist coatings such as Kiem Paint and Beeck Paint, both high quality and professional paints, we understand how paints perform and provide a fully trained team required for the job. Perfect for older buildings, such paints work well on restoration projects, both kind to walls and environmentally friendly.

Where hygiene is top priority, we use products such as Dulux Sterishield in areas that need to be clean such as hospitals, care homes and nurseries. Quick drying water based paints which help prevent bacteria forming, reducing the spread of infection.

From strong, durable floor paints to corrosion resistant coatings for materials such as steel, metal and wood, we provide the solution and a qualified team to prepare and complete the job.

All our exterior finishes are borne from products that provide longer, more reliable protection in severe weather, making them more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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