Why Redecorate?

27th January 2017

Our busy lives often get in the way of us redecorating. Whether that be commercially or our homes, we always seem to find something else to fix or to do before we get around to it. Generally, we just get used to the wear and tear of our walls, the marks and the scuffs seem to become normalised, because we’ve seen them so many times. We end up overlooking these imperfections just because life is so hectic. Here at GME, we like to think we take the stress out of redecorating. We like to offer support through the process.

Decoration in your office says a lot about you

Your office is the home away from home, you’re probably going to spend more time here with your work colleagues then you are at home with your family and friends. It’s also the place you’ll continue to pursue new business development. All in all, it’s the public face of your company.

As a result, it’s important to keep your décor up to scratch in the office. Particularly, if your office plays host to outside meetings. But does your office truly live up to this? There is a good chance that your office may need a touch up, or maybe even a completely new approach.

First impressions really do count! It’s important to put yourself in to the shoes of a first-time visitor. What does your office say about your company? Also, be sure to check the first area which visitors will access. Ensuring this is kept up to scratch can mean a great first impression!

It can also be useful for your employees; a new colour scheme can actually be more encouraging to your staff and improve their overall work performance. Colour psychology can really impact on a workers day, its proven that the brain reacts to various colours, particularly when looking at it all day.

If you’re thinking of transforming your offices to an innovative style, and need that fresh lick of paint to get the ball rolling, then give GME a call. We’re a commercial painting contractors based in Wakefield, and are always happy to talk about any job you wish to discuss. Our number is 01924 723 723.




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