uPVC spray painting FAQs

How much does it cost?

Spraying your uPVC windows and doors costs a fraction of the price of new doors and windows. The average cost of spraying is £150 per uPVC window and £230 per door and frame. The average cost for a whole house is £1,350.

How long will it last?

Your newly spray-painted uPVC windows and doors will look great for at least 10 years as a minimum.

Is it more cost-effective than replacing the entire window or door?

Whether you’re looking to update and transform your whole house or just a door or window, the cost of uPVC spraying can be a quarter of the price of replacing them.

Sрrау painting your traditional brown or white uPVC windows and doors іѕ the most cost-effective way of chаnging thе lооk оf your рrореrtу without having to pay high prices. 

What’s the finish like?

The choice of finishes with uPVC spray painting includes matt, gloss and satin. A matte finish has a 0% shine, satin has a 30% shine and gloss has a 100% shine. Spraying ensures you get a smooth, professional finish and you avoid any streaks and other marks caused by brush painting uPVC. Once they’re sprayed, you would never know that your doors and windows aren’t brand new.

How long does it take?

Most spray painting projects are completed inside a day, and we always strike the right balance between efficiency and great workmanship. Spraying a front door will only take a couple of hours while painting a four-bed semi would take a day or perhaps two.

Are there any recommended colours against the colour of my brickwork/stone?

Custom colours are a common request, and GME can match a colour to almost anything that you require, such as the brick or stonework of your home. We can also colour match a new window to your old windows, or vice versa. Anthracite grey is currently the most popular choice for many customers.

Other than cost, are there any other advantages to having windows and doors sprayed rather than replacing them?

uPVC spraying will extend the life of your uPVC windows and doors. The uPVC spray paint coating is resistant to the fading that UV rays can cause, so your windows and doors will retain their vibrant-looking colour for much longer than they would otherwise. When applied correctly, the coating will withstand any UK weather conditions. There’s also the time, еffоrt and disruption you save by not replacing existing uPVC doors and windows. With spraying there’s no mess or fuss inside your house, and there’s no need for internal replastering, painting or cleaning up. A window might cost £400 to replace, but you may then need a full room decoration and plaster patching, which will significantly increase the price.

Does the spraying come with a guarantee that it won’t peel off?

Yes. GME guarantee all work for a period of 10 years against defects, and the paint we use also has a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Is there any over-spray that could go on to my brickwork or render?

The entire area surrounding the window or door will be professionally masked to ensure that the spray paint only binds itself to the uPVC and not your brickwork or render. 

What colour choices are there?

GME have a wide range of standard colours to choose from, and we’re also able to custom mix to suit any taste or colour scheme. If you have your heart set on something special, we’ll do our best to provide it for you.

What preparation is involved?

As no building work is needed there’s a minimal amount of disruption. If you’re able, we ask that you move any external plant pots or garden furniture away from the spraying zone to protect them. This also allows us to set up any scaffolding needed. 

Before spray painting your uPVC windows and doors it may be necessary to repair any cracks, blemishes, scuffs or holes so that the finished job looks immaculate. We then clean down the surface with a specialist cleaner and abrade the surface ready for painting.

How do you prevent the paint from peeling off?

uPVC surfaces are non-porous, which means that the specialist paint we use needs to stick to the surface, rather than get absorbed by it, as it does with wood.

The paints used by GME are designed and manufactured to be non-permeable when dry. As long as the uPVC door or window surface is completely clean and undamaged before the paint is sprayed, there’s reason for the paint to lift or flake away. The finish will last for at least 10 years.

uPVC spray painting jobCost + VAT (range low-high)Average cost
Whole house spraying£900-£1,800£1,350
uPVC windows£150 per window
uPVC doors£230 per door and frame
uPVC garage door£250-£350£300

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