Leeds Street Signs

30th April 2018

The maintenance of road and street signs is crucial. After all, signs are put in place to inform the public of road names as well as to provide directions and instructions for drivers. For drivers, failure to see signs clearly could lead to dire consequences. It’s therefore important to preserve these signs so that they are easy for all to read and view.

Regular maintenance of street signs not only has safety benefits for drivers, they also help keep a clean and well- kept appearance of an area. This is particularly important for residential areas as faded or damaged street signs can look untidy and could even influence the opinion of property buyers. After all, first impressions count.

GME Painting Contractors offer a unique painting service, to help keep street signs throughout Yorkshire looking their best. We have painted many signs in the Leeds area since our company was founded in 2008 and we believe that this is an invaluable service which helps maintain the standard of our cities and towns for the public.

Our team of experienced painting contractors are always keen to take on new projects and thrive to provide the best service possible, each and every time. Painting the streets of Leeds can prove a challenge – especially during busy periods. Nonetheless, we never turn down a challenge and believe that this is what makes us one of the leading painting contractors in the area.

GME specialise in commercial painting in sectors such as healthcare, retail and leisure across the areas of Wakefield, Leeds and Bradford. For more information about our services and how we can help you, call us today on 0113 887 1438 or contact us here.

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