The Best Interior Paint Colour for Resale

27th April 2018

When selling your office or retail property, you’ll want to employ every strategy possible so that it can stand out from the rest on the market. There’s the usual, excessive cleaning and rearranging objects and furniture to make it seem appealing, but what about the colour scheme? Such questions often slip our mind when we’re dealing with the process of selling a property.

The interior paintwork can massively impact a sale – which is why we’ve put together some of our recommendations when it comes to selling your commercial property.

Firstly, we recommend focusing on painting the areas of the property that receive the most traffic. Areas such as entrances and stairs. These areas will need the most work. Touching up aged paintwork is the key to making the property appear fresh and new for the potential buyer to see.

Neutral colours are universally recommended. Not only are they stylish, they make room for the buyer’s imagination and thoughts on how they’d fit their branding and business into the property. After all, a bright green office is difficult to look past. A neutral colour scheme appeals to everyone!

Lighter colours help emphasise the natural light too, which is a great way of allowing a room to seem larger than it is. This will encourage the buyer, as they’ll be able to envision their business products or employees within the room – encouraging them to invest in your property.

When selling your property, you want to present it as a clean canvas for your buyer, and simple colours are the perfect way to do this. By showing someone the potential the building has, this can massively influence their decision.

GME specialise in commercial painting and decorating. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you enhance your property to make it stand out in the market, give us a call today on 01924 723723 or contact us here.

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