How to Clean Painted Walls

14th May 2018

Maintenance is key in providing a good impression to clients and new customers. Your office or commercial property is the first thing that your clients will see before meeting you, meaning it has to appear clean and professional.

Hoovering, dusting and tidying desks are all easy tasks when it comes to ensuring your property is presentable, but what about the walls?

Painted walls can collect dust and grime just as much as any other object can, which is why it’s important to always be on the look out for dirty walls. Cleaning painted walls can be simple, however there is a correct way to do so to avoid discolouration and marking.

Some simple methods of cleaning are:

Dusting Dusting is the least aggressive method for cleaning your walls. This process involves using a vacuum cleaner and attaching the dusting brush. Delicately run the attachment over any trim or wall areas that have cob webs, light dust or dirt. A soft, dry cloth should lightly be ran in the areas that were treated to ensure all was cleaned.

Sponge Cleaning This method is slightly more effective. Create a soapy-water mix in a bucket and then submerge your sponge. After fully soaking your sponge you’ll want to ring most of the water back into the bucket, as too much water will damage the paint. Then, go over the problem areas in a light, circular motion and finally wipe the area with a damp cloth.

Spot Cleaning For scuff marks or stains you may find you need a more aggressive approach. In this case you will need to make a baking soda and water paste. In the problem area, gently rub the solution in and then rinse with a damp sponge and soft cloth.

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