How to Paint Perfectly Straight Lines

19th August 2019

Once you see it, you can’t un-see it! If there are wonky lines in your paint job it will haunt you until you paint over it. It can be so simple if you take care and a few extra steps. We’ve put together some important advice for those wondering how to paint perfectly straight lines.


It’s all in the preparation! It is essential to start off with good lighting. Shadows can make the task of painting details more difficult so add more light sources to make your workspace as bright as possible. The second step is to ensure that your surface is prepped for painting. The walls must be cleaned of any dust or dirt and then dried. Check out how to clean painted walls here. Lines don’t work well over textured walls, so you may need to sand down any imperfections first!


Painting details, such as lines, requires precision and the right equipment. Make sure you have high quality brushes that won’t shed bristles. In this case, we recommend an angled brush for the most accurate lines. If you are a line where the wall meets the ceiling or another wall, we advise taping off the area you want to avoid with painter’s tape. This is a less sticky version of masking tape that is specifically designed for the job.  If you are painting a stripe across the wall, where there isn’t already a natural line to follow, we recommend using a ruler to mark dots where you want the line to go. Slowly use the painter’s tape to join the dots together, pulling it taut to keep the line straight. Apply pressure to tape all the way along to give a smooth line and prevent paint from bleeding. Make sure to dab off the excess paint from the brush and have a stable grip that allows you the most control. Apply paint in consistent strokes to avoid huge amounts of paint in the corners which will create a messy finish.


Let the paint completely dry before attempting to remove the tape. To create a perfect edge remove the tape in a firm, but steady manner. You should then have perfectly crisp and clean lines.

If in doubt, we recommend speaking to the experts. At GME Painting Contractors, we have been painting commercial properties for over a decade and are well-versed in the different techniques to ensure the best quality paint job. To speak to us about your next project, contact us here or give us a call on 01924 723723.

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