Mistakes to avoid when choosing your painting contractors

10th August 2019

You may think that choosing the right commercial painting contractors for your paint job will be easy. However, there are lots of different factors to consider in addition to the price!

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for some painting companies to try to save time and money, at the expense of your painting job. At GME we pride ourselves on the quality of our work and the experience we bring. We’ve already put together some advice on what to look for in a commercial painting contractor to make the decision a little easier. But, here are some mistakes to avoid when choosing your painting contractors.

Hiring an uninsured contractor

Accidents can happen, but all painters should be fully prepared! Never hire a painting contractor that does not have public liability insurance. If a paint spillage damages expensive furniture or you trip over a dust sheet, this insurance will enable the company to cover the legal costs and compensation to you. Without it, there’s no guarantee!

Hiring painters with little experience

Hiring inexperienced painters may be cheaper, but it’s likely you’ll pay for it in the long run. Using the wrong paint, not adequately preparing the surface or painting wonky lines, are all easy mistakes to make if you’re just starting out. Look for evidence of previous work in a similar sector and industry accreditations to give you piece of mind.

Hiring unknown painters

It’s very easy nowadays for customers to leave reviews. We recommend thoroughly researching a painting company before making a decision. If you can’t find reviews for a painting company online, take this as a warning sign!

Hiring painters who are an inconvenience

It is extremely disappointing to have to work around a painting company’s schedule or to find a mess left after contractors have painted your property. A painting contractor should work when it’s convenient for you and clear up after themselves.

At GME, our skilled painters are fully insured and experts at painting properties in a wide range of sectors. We care about our work and making our customers happy. Take a look at what our customers have been saying about us here. We’ll work around your schedule and will never leave a mess!

To speak to us about your next painting project contact us here or give us a call on 01924 723 723.

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