Common Exterior Problems

23rd May 2018

The exterior paintwork of your office, home or commercial building can often become neglected. Sometimes the last thing on your mind are the finer details of a property such as cracks on the outer walls meaning regular maintenance is not carried out. However, exterior maintenance is just as important as maintenance of the interior. Ensuring all areas of your building are of high-quality is the key to giving off a good first impression.

Below is a list of common exterior problems and what you can do to fix them.

Peeling – Peeling is often found around posts, railings and door trims. It’s caused by moisture which leads to the cracking of paint. This can be a big problem if left untreated as the moisture, once broken through the paint can reach the structural material (wood, metal etc.) causing it to rot.

A simple solution for this is scraping, sanding and priming. This method gets all the bad paint off and creates a better base for the new paint to bond to. Primer protects and adheres better to wood, creating greater protection than paint alone.

Fading – Usually occurring on areas where the sun hits the most, fading is a common issue when it comes to exterior paint.

This issue is a little harder to fix – most sun faded boards will need replacing, however power washing and adding another coat or two of paint, including a primer may be beneficial for walls. A primer will also increase the life span of the paint.

Cracking – Cracks can become dangerous if left untreated. The caulking used on the exterior of your property can be easily damaged. As temperatures change, the building can move and cause cracks. Once there is a crack, moisture can get in causing further issues, including damaging the structures and boards of the property.

The best solution for this is to call a professional contractor, as they will have more experience in this particular issue and know exactly what to do. When board warping occurs, the boards are often replaced as there is very little that can be done to rectify them.

At GME, we have worked on a range of commercial properties throughout Yorkshire to help rectify the appearance of the interior and exterior of the buildings. For more information on our painting and decorating services, call today on 01924 723723 or use our contact page.

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