How can office colour impact productivity?

22nd September 2017

We all know that a freshly painted office makes us feel better than a drab dingy room with old or peeling paintwork. However, GME Painting Contractors recommends that employers planning office painting should consider the colour of the décor to ensure their workers are operating at optimum productivity levels.

A recent University of Texas survey reveals that colour choice is an important consideration when planning office painting. The survey showed that women felt more depressed while working in a room painted grey, beige, or white, but surprisingly, men reacted badly to rooms painted in orange or purple.

To improve efficiency and focus through office painting, the survey suggests we should paint our workplaces in colours with low wavelengths, such as greens and blues. These colours are more restful, and reflect the colours of nature. Office painting in these colours will lead to a calmer, happier, more productive workforce.  Blue is a good choice for office painting, and is suitable for the whole room, with accents in other colours to bring out traits that are required by the specific workforce. Green is a good choice for employees who work long hours, as it is restful on the eyes, so reduces fatigue.

High wavelength colours, such as reds, or oranges, will cause a feeling of excitement, and anxiety. Clearly red is a good choice for warning signs but will not be a sensible choice for those planning office painting where excitement and agitation may not be conducive to productive work. Red is a more suitable background colour for occupations involving physical activity.

Yellow was judged by those surveyed to be an optimistic, energetic, and fresh colour, and was believed to stimulate innovation, so is a good choice for office painting in environments where artistic creativity takes place.

Whatever colour you choose for your office painting, GME Painting contractors can carry out the work efficiently, and professionally, to minimise disruption and keep your workforce working productively.

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