What do colours mean in retail design?

30th September 2017

When it comes to decorating your retail space it’s important to choose the right colour scheme for your business. As well as reinforcing your brand’s logo or design, it should also serve the purpose you intend it to. Here are some of the effects different colours can have on customers:


Using white can symbolise purity as well as serve as a blank canvas for other elements of a display that may be more colourful or intricate in design. If you feel white is too plain to use as a backdrop then light grey or cream can also be used to the same effect.


If you wish to create a dramatic effect then black can be a good choice. Often black will be used in blocks within retail space and then interspersed with other colours which seek to contrast the boldness it conveys.


The colour green can be used to create a sense of nature within a store’s display. Depending on the shade used, it can be used to invoke elements of the natural environment, with floral patterns and leaf prints creating feelings of freshness and freedom.


Whilst red is traditionally associated with romance and passion it can also be linked to anger and aggression. Due to this, it is often only used in small sections of display pieces rather than larger areas. Pink is an alternative colour which can be used for romantic products.

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