Experience is vital

15th September 2017

When it comes to painting and decorating commercial properties, or councils, experience is vital. Whilst many of us can ‘paint a room’, there are big differences between those who have been doing it every day and those who think they can decorate a large space to the highest of standards.

At GME, we are committed to providing high quality services and that is why we are proud to be trusted by Mansfield District Council, Glass and Mirror, and South Yorkshire NHS Trust, among many other leading clients.

We know that there are a few things that experience will have taught people and thus we have listed some of these below:

Preparation is key: When it comes to doing a good job, the preparation is vital, perhaps even more so than the technique used to paint the walls. Making sure the wall is clean, any radiators, switches etc. are covered, and that mess will be to a minimal is essential. Additionally, if you are painting a commercial property where people are still working, you do not want to be disturbing them too often either. Thus, planning this with them to minimise the effect is essential.

One coat is never enough: One coat of paint is never enough, and good decorators will know this. It takes a range of different coats blended together to get the strong colours you need. This is even more noticeable with bright bold colours, like those at Northern Media’s office. This is because paint absorbs into walls at different rates and in different places.

Other factors: There are many other things you need to consider like access issues, the availability and quality of the paint, and how the paint colour looks on a wall compared to a sample or a mock up design. Another potential factor to consider is how furniture will contrast with the colour. All these factors can make a huge difference to the final job and your impressions of it. We will always, if required, help out with these things too.

If you are looking to decorate your commercial property or office block, and require an experienced and trusted professional painting company to carry out your works, please look no further than GME.

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