Choosing the Right Paint for a Bathroom and Kitchen

30th June 2019

Giving your office a face lift with a lick of paint should be a quick, easy way to make your work environment more comfortable and boost productivity of your employees. However, when redecorating it’s important to consider what the different areas of your space are used for as some rooms take more of a beating than others.  If your bathroom and kitchen are in need of a makeover take a look at our top tips for choosing the right paint…


The walls of kitchens deal with a lot of temperature changes due to microwaves, ovens and kettles. Similar to this, bathroom walls have to cope with steam and condensation. Without proper ventilation this can make them highly prone to mould and flaking. To keep these rooms looking fresher for longer, mildew and mould resistant paints should be used.


It’s important to use paints that are easy to clean in areas that are susceptible to spillages and stains. High-gloss paints stand up to cleaning and scrubbing much better than others. The shinier the gloss, the more durable and easier it is to wipe clean.


When selecting a colour it’s crucial to pick a shade that will last the test of time and stand up to general wear and tear. Choosing a colour that works well with the lighting conditions is also a good idea, particularly for smaller spaces to help them look brighter and bigger. There is a strong correlation between productivity and the colour of your workspace. If you need advice on what colour to choose, check out our tips for finding the right colour for your industry.

Whilst specialist bathroom and kitchen paints can be more expensive, the short-term investment benefits your business in the long term. Creating that inviting atmosphere for employees and promoting a professional image of a company can have a great effect on efficiency and boost sales.

GME are professional commercial painting contractors with a wealth of experience in a variety of industries. We use this expertise to give a high-quality service every time. For more information on how we can help with your next painting job in Yorkshire, give us a call on 01924 723 723.

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