Why Does Paint Quality Matter?

9th July 2019

To explain why the quality of paint really matters, we must first look at how paint is made. Paint contains pigments, binders and solvents. There are two types of pigments, ‘prime’ pigments, that give paint it’s colour, and ‘extender’ pigments, that add bulk to the product, but do little to the colour. As the pigments are solid, they need binders to hold the pigments together and stick them to a surface.

Binders are typically synthetic polymers and when added to pigments, form a gloopy substance which is hard to spread. Liquids called solvents are added to carry the pigments and binders evenly across the wall. These gradually evaporate as the paint dries leaving the pigment in place. Most modern wall paints use a water-based solvent, which as the name suggests, is primarily made up of water.  


The quality of the paint is largely affected by its formula. Higher-quality paints will have more prime pigments, giving better coverage and durability. These paints will also contain the most advanced binders which allow for greater adhesion to surfaces and longer-lasting colour. What type of binder is used can have a big effect on the characteristics of the paint, such as resistance to staining, cracking, blistering, peeling and even the level of gloss. It’s for these reasons that the highest quality paints can extend the lifespan of your paint job by up to 50% than cheaper alternatives. 


Lower-quality paints have fewer prime pigments, less effective binders and have a tendency of being diluted with lots of extender pigments and fillers. These larger particles can result in an uneven, less durable coat. 

For more advice on the quality of paint needed for your next commercial paint job ask GME Painting Contractors here or give us a call on 01924 723 723. GME is experienced with all industries, making sure we give you the best possible advice. 


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