Tips for Finding the Right Colour for your Industry

20th March 2018

Each industry has its own style, with colours best suited to the services they provide. Colour is also said to have its own psychological effects on the brain. The colours you choose for your commercial building could influence the consumer and their decision on whether to do business with you.

We’ve put together a brief rundown of some common colour choices for certain industries:

  • Reds, oranges and yellows – these colours spark energy and are associated with high value – potentially enough to persuade someone to trust you and your company. In the right combinations, they work well for restaurants, kitchens, and retail spaces.
  • Blues, silvers and purple tones – shades of blue affect people’s emotional response to a room. They are softer and more relaxing than others and have a universal appeal. They’re great for insurance, legal, and medical practices, where customer comfortability is important. These relaxing tones help create a trustworthy atmosphere.
  • Whites, greys and nudes – While some can find these shades bland, they have a high-end appeal when done right. Technical/IT companies, design firms, and marketing companies often employ great combinations of these colours. Their simplicity hints at a professional, trustworthy company – perfect for creating a positive relationship with new and returning clients.
  • Greens and browns – green is an extremely beneficial colour if you’re looking to boost creativity and promote a natural work environment. When paired with a darker shade of brown, greens can look clean and bright. They’re perfect for consultation, financial institutions, and creative firms.

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