A guide to painting healthcare facilities

22nd November 2021

A fresh coat of paint is seen as an affordable and efficient way to revamp any space.

But when it comes to painting healthcare premises, cost is not the only factor you need to consider.

Any professional and experienced paint contractor knows the specialist paint products that can benefit hospitals, care homes, doctor’s surgeries and other healthcare settings, and the effect they can have on patients and staff.

Décor is an important part of any medical facility, both in terms of aesthetics and hygiene.

Dreary, tired walls, a cold, unwelcoming environment and poor air quality can all damage a user’s experience of medical facilities.

So if any of the above sound familiar, then perhaps it’s time for an upgrade…

Safety first – always

Décor is an important part of every hospital or care home, but certain paints are not ideal for a medical facility.

The choice of paint, air quality and whether the area will be in use during the course of the painting project are some of the concerns that need to be addressed before starting work.

All safety hazards must be relayed to staff and patients.

Before walls are cleaned and sanded, the area must be isolated as there is the extra danger of debris and dust and the effect it could have on patient health and safety.

The right schedule

To minimise the risk of paint fumes causing a problem to people using the facility, it is often more suitable to carry out decorating work on evenings, weekends or holidays.

Ventilation issues

Fumes from any healthcare painting project could potentially leak into a ventilation system. If you’re sharing ventilated air with other areas of the healthcare facility, it’s important to protect the safety of patients and staff in nearby offices.

Blocking shared vents and wall gaps before work begins is an effective approach, and it’s also important to ensure there is increased airflow in affected adjacent areas.

Pick the right colours

Choosing the right paint colours for your building is key. The right paint colour can be an effective tool that actually calms patients, helps them heal more quickly and distinguishes your healthcare facility from others.

Different shades can evoke different emotions and feelings in us all. Certain colours have psychological properties that can make us feel relaxed, while other colours can cause a more intense reaction.

For many healthcare settings is fair to say that bright white can feel unfriendly – and it’s harder to keep clean.

If you want to choose white, opt for an off-white or neutral colour which has a softer feel than a bright white.

Types of paint make a real difference

Low-odour, no-VOC paints are always preferable in a healthcare setting. They don’t give off fumes or odours, which is safer for patients and improves overall air quality.

There are also paint products that can help prevent the growth of mould and mildew and stop the spread of different bacteria and germs.

As well as using paints with antimicrobial agents, there are other coatings that are beneficial to medical facilities.

Specialist products are required in sterile rooms, with disinfectant paint giving a hygienic finish to operating theatres and GP surgeries.

These coatings can cope with hot water cleanings and vigorous scrubbing.

In general, semi-gloss paint finishes are easier to keep clean than flat, matt paint.

Satin finishes are more aesthetically pleasing than matt finishes but aren’t quite as easy to clean.

Scratches, bumps, and dirty marks can’t be seen easily with a semi-gloss finish, and busy, high-traffic areas will benefit greatly when a higher gloss paint is not used.

Choose trusted, experienced painters

From wards and waiting areas to staff rooms and receptions, if your healthcare facility needs a makeover, GME can handle the project.

We work across the public and private sectors to transform hospitals, dentists, care homes and doctor’s surgeries.

From ongoing maintenance to complete refurbishments, our skilled decorating team will complete the job on schedule and on budget, with precision and cleanliness at the heart of the project.

For advice or to find out more about our bespoke healthcare decorating services, call us on 01924 723723 or email info@gmepaintingcontractors.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.

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