How to prepare your business premises for professional painting and decorating

16th December 2021

Getting your business premises repainted is always a smart investment.

As well as making your work environment more comfortable, professional and productive, painting your premises can actually increase sales.

And preparing your business for professional painting will help ensure that the whole project runs smoothly.

But what colours should you choose? What finish should you go with? What about budgeting, surface prep and safety issues?

Below are some tips to help you get ready…

Leave it to the professionals

The first mistake you might make is opting for an inexperienced or low-cost painting contractor.

You might think that you’re saving money, only to find that shoddy work often has to be redone at your expense anyway.

You can count on a reputable professional painting and decorating firm to get the job done right first time, and on time.

The best thing you can do is to guarantee a job well done is choose an experienced, qualified painting contractor.

Make a list (and probably check it twice…)

Creating a list of all the work that you need to be carried out, the areas that need painting, what you did or didn’t like about any previous painting projects and the total budget for the project can be very useful. 

Get a proper quote

Quick estimates given over the phone or video call are only useful as a guide. Professional painters should always provide free, no-obligation written quotations after viewing your premises first-hand.

Get repairs done before the painters arrive

If there are any walls, surfaces or areas of paint that look a little worse for wear, ask the painter if any work needs to be done beforehand.

In some situations, for example if there’s structural damage or rotten and crumbling materials, hiring external contractors may be necessary to have proper repairs carried out ahead of time. 

Narrow down your colour palette

Expert painting and decorating teams can help their clients choose the right colours and type of paint for each project, across a huge range of sectors. They’ll know what works for your circumstances, even if you’re a little unsure yourself. 

Keep your staff informed

It sounds pretty simple, but you’d be surprised how often it’s forgotten. Make sure that you let your employees know well in advance of any work, to give them enough time to complete or reschedule tasks.

Ensure that the exterior is ready for work

If it’s applicable, preparing your exterior areas for painting will speed up the entire project. Some of the things you can do before professional painters arrive on-site include trimming back any landscaping close to walls; ensuring that water taps and power outlets are in good working order and designating an area where the painting team can leave their tools and materials.

Warn your neighbours…

If you’re painting the exterior of your premises, you should inform nearby businesses and homes, as they may need to take precautions to prevent dust, noise and odours from getting into their buildings.  

Prepare the interior

Although painters will often remove large pieces of furniture and equipment, you’ll need to either cover or move smaller and valuable items to prevent damage. You should also make sure that all windows can be easily opened. 

To find out more about our commercial painting and decorating services, call us on 01924 723723 or email and we’ll be happy to help.

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