Can you spray paint uPVC windows and doors?

26th October 2021

People whose homes are in need of little TLC often ask us if you can spray paint uPVC windows and doors.

The short answer is yes, you can!

Spraying and changing the colour of a uPVC door or window frame really can give it a new lease of life. And remember, the exterior of your home makes a statement about you. So why settle for something dull or uninviting when you can get some extra kerb appeal with uPVC window spraying?

Here’s an in-depth look at how uPVC window spraying can revamp your home without the expense of replacing all of your uPVC windows.

Why do uPVC windows and doors need to be painted?

If your home contains older uPVC windows, you’ll probably know that they can become a bit of a pane (see what we did there?).

White uPVC doors and windows revolutionised the glazing and door industry from the 1980s onwards.

Durable, double glazed, maintenance-free plastic window frames and doors were fitted to millions of homes across the UK.

Over time though, uPVC doors and windows start to fade and crack in adverse weather conditions.

And it seems that there aren’t too many people who still want their old, white plastic frames and doors.

It used to be the case that the only way to improve the look of your property was to spend thousands of pounds fully replacing them.

But with developments in paint technology in recent years, people have found that respraying uPVC windows restores the colour and lustre that you’d see on brand-new windows.

How do you spray paint old uPVC window frames doors?

Spraying ensures a smooth, professional finish and avoids the streaks often caused by brush painting.

However, spray painting uPVC window frames and doors is no easy task for a DIY enthusiast, and it’s always best to use a specialist who can paint plastic window frames and doors with ease.

If you decide to go ahead, here’s what the pros will do, step-by-step:

Put up protective coverings

The first step is to apply coverings to the glass in your windows and areas adjacent to the frames. This protects your property and ensures the specialist team only spray paints your uPVC window frames and doors and not other exposed areas of your property.

Clean the window frames

They’ll then thoroughly clean your uPVC window and door frames, ensuring that any debris, dust and dirt is fully removed. This ensures that the uPVC paint can adhere to the surface properly. 

Sand the frames

Once all your windows are completely clean, next they’ll create a slightly abrasive surface on the frames by gently sanding the windows. This helps the paint adhere to the surface more effectively, creating a smooth, even finish.

Apply a layer of primer

Adding a layer of primer to the surface of your window frames before painting helps the spray paint to settle onto the surface more easily, giving you a high-quality finish.

Spray paint your windows

Once the surface is fully prepared, the spray painting can begin. Depending on the colour you’ve chosen, it may take several coats of uPVC spray paint to ensure your windows are completely covered.  

The choice of finishes with uPVC spray painting includes matt, satin and gloss. A matte finish gives you a 0% shine, satin has a 30% shine and gloss 100% shine.

Allow the paint to dry

Once the spray painting is finished, the team will leave your windows and doors to dry before inspecting them to ensure that a perfect, smooth finish has been achieved and all areas have been covered.

Remove the protective coverings

Once your windows are completely dry, they’ll remove the protective coverings from the glazing and surround walls to reveal your newly painted windows.

Once all the preparatory work has been carried out, the whole process is actually fairly straightforward.

Most spray painting projects are completed inside a day. Spraying a front door should only take a couple of hours, while painting a four-bed semi-detached house would perhaps take a day or two.

Can you spray paint all my windows and doors?

Experienced, reputable firms can respray garage doors, bay windows, shutters, conservatories, porches, fascias and soffits – and virtually any colour is available.

Specialists like GME can re-spray and revitalise uPVC doors as well as composite and pre-finished doors, extending their lifespan and giving you the highest quality finish possible.

Once they’re sprayed, you’d never know that your doors and windows aren’t brand new.

How much does uPVC window and door spraying cost?

Spraying uPVC windows and doors costs a fraction of the price of new doors and windows. The average cost of spraying is £150 per uPVC window and £230 per door and frame. The average cost for a whole house would be around £1,350.

Choose an experienced team of uPVC spray painting professionals

GME can transform the external appearance of your property by spraying your existing uPVC windows and doors with specialist paint, extending their life at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

We’ll spray your windows and doors in position, so there’s no building work, mess or hassle for you to worry about.

For advice and a free quote on specialist spraying services to revitalise your property, please call us on 01924 723723 or email

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