3 Reasons your Building Panels are Fading

12th November 2018

Industrial buildings can require a lot of maintenance. Being such large buildings, it can be difficult to notice every problem and area for touching up. However, an area that is incredibly noticeable is panelling. Building panelling is one of the first things clients and employees will see, as this will cover most of the exterior of the property. You may notice as of late that they aren’t looking as vibrant and colourful as they once did. This could be due to a number of reasons such as…

  • Sunlight and UV Damaging – Despite many panels being designed to resist this, over time the Sun’s UV rays can fade colouring. This may be more apparent to you now, given we’ve just had a hot Summer. The UV lighting generated from the sunlight can begin to break down the paintwork and any protective coatings. Not to worry though, this can be easily fixed with a fresh coat of high-quality paint.
  • Weather Damage – The UK is prone to bad weather. Torrential rain and strong winds can really take their toll on your panelling. Heavy rain in particular, for an elongated period of time can break down painting and finishes. This can cause panelling to fade and even begin to flake. Over time, a build up of rainwater can cause a rise in pH, making the water acidic. The best way to avoid this is to wash down panels following long spells of rains.
  • No Protective Coatings Applied – Like sun cream/lotion, a protective coating provides a barrier over the panelling, so the sun can’t damage it. If you are finding that your panelling is fading unusually fast, this could mean that no protective coating was applied. To fix this, the panelling may require a repaint and then a coating over the top.

Luckily, GME specialise in commercial repaints and coatings in and around Leeds and Yorkshire. For more information, call us today 01924 723723.

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