Commercial Painting within Visitor Attractions

31st October 2018

Specialising in commercial painting in Leeds and its surrounding areas allows our team of painters to work on a number of exciting projects. From retail buildings, to grandeur manor houses, our skillset really has no limits when it comes to commercial painting. Over the years we have also completed many projects involving common visitor attractions like townhalls, cathedrals and museums, making our portfolio even larger.

Maintaining tourist attractions, regardless of their age is incredibly important to ensure they are safe to visit as well as long-lasting. Despite there being many famous attractions throughout Yorkshire dating back centuries, this doesn’t mean they should be left to age by themselves. Like many things in the world, they can only continue being beautiful if cared for properly. This is where our experienced team come in.

Restoring buildings and heritage projects is one of our specialities. Preserving these attractions for future generations is important for education and to conserve pieces of history. Using high-quality paints and materials, we are able to restore worn down buildings whilst maintaining their traditional style.

It’s always brilliant to work on projects like these as we can see the positive impact they have on the public as well as in helping encourage visitors to the area.

GME are commercial painters based in Wakefield, however our services span out to a variety of areas throughout the Yorkshire county. If you’ve got a project for us, call today on 01924 723723.

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