Why do Industrial Sites use GME?

11th July 2018

As accredited painting contractors in Wakefield, GME are vastly experienced in completing repaints throughout existing sectors across the Yorkshire region. One sector which we have plenty of practice in is the industrial industry. This includes warehouses, storerooms and factories. Those conducting a refurbishment to their industrial site, or relocation to a city such as Leeds or Bradford may be looking for a reputable painting and decorating contractor.

But what is it about us that gives us our reliable reputation amongst industrial sites?

When operating with heavy tools or machinery, abrasions to flooring and walls can cause marks to be left, ruining the appeal of the building. Additionally, traditional wear and tear can also occur. Although this can be expected in a warehouse, site owners may want to preserve the longevity of the building in case they choose to sell the property.

Similarly, after relocating to a new site, you may notice dents in the flooring or scratched wall paint; in this instance, GME would be obliged to carry out any remedial works on the site.

One of our qualities is our understanding about the importance of carrying out day to day tasks without being distracted by any correctional work that takes place. Completing projects to the best standard possible with minimal disruption is part of our personal promise at GME. This involves making sure any tools we are using are kept safely away from staff and visitors. Additionally, if required we can conduct the repaints outside of working hours if this suits your requirements.

One thing that also makes us unique is our app. This app allows the team to maintain their high level of customer service by having constant communication with the client, providing updates and progress reports when requested. We understand our clients are busy, so this is a hugely beneficial tool for providing instant updates when not on site.

Lastly, we are a trustworthy painting and decorating contractor with a portfolio of previous work in industrial properties local to Wakefield and many other industries. If you would like to see how our finished projects look, then check out our showcase page. Alternatively, you can call us on 01924 723723 or 0113 887 1438. You can also fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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