Leeds Office Repaint

17th July 2018

High-quality service is what we strive to achieve each and every time. All of the projects we undertake are managed and carried out by dedicated, talented painters and decorators, as we truly believe that providing great quality is what allows us to be one of the leading painting contractors in the Wakefield and Leeds areas.

This month, our team undertook an exciting project in Leeds – a large three-story office repaint, using vibrant colours to suit the company’s branding.

To begin with, the team were set with the task of coating all the walls with emulsion before preparing the woodwork floor with undercoating and gloss. We did this to a timescale that fit a discussed schedule, to avoid any decrease in efficiency for both us and the company.

We also repainted the building’s steel fire exit doors and escapes that had been worn down over the years. We aimed to paint the whole office, so made sure we didn’t miss details such as these.

The larger scale job was painting the feature walls. We did this using contrasting colours such as orange, green and purple, to match the company’s branding, as well as adding life to the office. These vibrant colours were great to work with and are known to stimulate motivation and positivity in an office environment!

All in all, the work carried out by our team freshened up the appearance of the office and by using coloured walls, we added a unique touch which brightened up the working space.

GME Painting Contractors specialise in commercial painting in and around Leeds and West Yorkshire. Our team have over 10 years’ experience in the sector and approach every project with an open mind and enthusiasm. For more information or if you have a project for us, contact us today on 0113 887 1438.

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