What colours work best in office environments?

2nd July 2016

The office is where your employees spend most of their day and it is important that you cultivate a positive working environment. Colours are proven to have a direct impact on a person’s mood, so here at GME we have come up with some advice to help you pick the right shades to create a happy and productive office.

A recent study at the University of Texas found that grey, beige and white office spaces induced feelings of sadness and depression in workers.  While a white space may feel crisp and clean and a blank canvas for creative ideas, it is deemed as a sterile environment in which employees will rarely feel inspired.

Instead experts say that low wavelength colours, such as tones of muted greens and blues improve a sense of efficiency and focus. A calming green or a balanced blue, those that can be found in a natural environment, are also said to instil a sense of well-being. So if you are looking for a calm, happy and centred staff opt for shades most commonly found in nature.

However if you’re looking to invigorate and motivate your staff you should look into painting your office with splashes of brighter, more intense colours. Psychologists view yellow as the colour of optimism. Energetic and fresh, a touch of yellow in an office can spread innovation among your workers. However you may want to avoid yellows in spaces such as conference rooms, as a very stimulating colour studies show that too much yellow can cause anxiety and make people more likely to lose their temper.

Similarly with using red in a work environment, in moderation the intensity of colour can boost productivity. Red is proven to stimulate the body and can help increase performance of workers with detail orientated or physical assignments. Too much red however can be overpowering and cause alarm and unease. It’s all about finding the balance that suits your working environment.

If you have been inspired to paint over those white walls in the office you can talk to the team at GME about any office upgrades, commercial or industrial paintwork. Please call 01924 723723 or email info@gmepaintingcontractors.co.uk

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