Picking the Right Colour for Your Office

12th July 2016

Although it may not seem it, picking the right colour for your office is very important. The colour of your walls are the first thing that a client notices so it is vital to give off the right message. So how do you decide on the right colour for your office? Well, here’s how:

The most important factor to take into consideration is the type of business that you are running. If it’s a more serious business like accountancy, financial advisors or a solicitors. Neutral colours would be more beneficial. Colours such as creams and beiges as they give off a more sophisticated look. However, these colours can be rather dull and boring so using a light shade may work. A light Blue is a good example. It has been proven to be the most productive colour and is thought to be very calming. So not only would this be great for you and your employees to make sure you stay at the top of your game. But it also sends out a good message to your clients.

Some businesses aren’t going to benefit from using office colours as such. It all really depends on your client’s age, cultural background and gender so it’s good to do your research. In some cases, bright and vibrant colours may be more beneficial. Really, you don’t want to be using the same colour constantly. Too much of one colour can give off a certain mood. Here are a few examples of colours and affect they can have:

Red: If you’re thinking of using red then that may not be such a good idea. Of course, it really depends on what shade of red you would be using. A standard red has been said to cause anger and aggression. Not what you want to be giving your clients.

Yellow: Yellow can be a really nice touch to a room but only if it’s minimal. Too much yellow can cause anxiety and stress. If you have a more serious business, I’m sure you will already be stressed as it is. So this is a big no for you.

Orange: It’s thought that a soft orange or peach gives a very comfortable and welcoming feeling. So for an office, this may be ideal. It’s important to make your clients feel relaxed.

Darker Shades: Darker colours such as navy, burgundy and dark green give a message of control, responsibility and confidence to clients. Ideal for the more serious businesses, this is the kind of message you want to get across.

When it comes to decorating your office it isn’t just about picking your favourite colours, it’s also the vibe you give off. Think carefully when deciding the colour of your walls.

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