Tips for Preserving Exterior Decoration

30th August 2018

As summer draws to a close, retailers and commercial properties throughout Leeds and Yorkshire will be looking to the future in terms of what is next for their business. The next stop on the customer calendar is the Autumn / Winter period, in which events such as Halloween, Harvest, Bonfire Night and Christmas are all looming.

When it comes to the decoration of your commercial property, being prepared for the weather conditions that are likely during Autumn and Winter will be very important, especially for the exterior of your building. Harsh rain, strong winds and debris can cause existing paintworks to peel or become damaged.

A way around this is to consider methods that can protect and preserve the paintwork, however, this will vary depending on the material.


There are options available that help preserve the life of wooden exteriors. These treatments include oils and varnishes; however, they fail to protect the material from its main threat; UV radiation. This can penetrate the varnishes and cause decay. A way around this is to cover the wood in a paint, as this will help to reflect the UV radiation. Autumnal colours such as ochre, umber and sienna are unaffected by sunlight, so these could be useful alternatives to cover the woodwork.


Gates, fences and shutters can all be comprised of different metals, from iron to steel, all which decay and rust eventually, but at varying rates. Preparation is essential for any metal, as any remnants of rust will be visible regardless of the paint used. Two-pack coatings offer a good service life; however, it may also be advised to strip off any older paint before repainting with a two-pack coating.

The team at GME Painting Contractors will be able to advise best on the options available for preserving the type of exterior metalwork or woodwork you have. If you would require some specialised advice from a member of our experienced team, you can contact us on 01924 723 723.

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