3 Ways to Plan and Prep Your Feature Wall

31st August 2018

Feature walls are a great way of adding character to commercial spaces. Livening up an area for your employees will not only spark their creativity but increase productivity levels too.

If your office or commercial interior’s theme is basic or neutral, feature walls are a great way of incorporating your branding and personality into it. When designed and planned correctly, a feature wall can have a powerful impact on a room, which is why we’ve put together three ways in which you can plan and prep an effective feature wall for your business:

  1. Create a centre piece – Your feature wall should be the focal point of the room, so it needs to be visible and, in an area where everyone can see it. Try to think of where your eyes are first drawn to when entering your commercial property, could that be a blank canvas for your new wall?
  2. Complement the rest of the room – Your feature wall must be prominent however, using colours and designs that clash with the rest of the room can overpower the senses. Having too many designs and colours in one room can lead to confusion and distraction for your employees and clients. Try to find a balance, you may need to neutralise the other walls of the room to allow space for your feature wall.
  3. Be space aware – Feature walls work better on large surface areas. You want the wall to stand out, so a small wall just won’t work. To create that pop of personality, find a large space you can let your imagination run wild on, this way you’ll be able to incorporate more ideas.

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