Things to consider before decorating the exterior of your property

16th June 2017

When decorating the exterior of your property there are a lot of factors to consider before you can get stuck in. For example, is it going to fit in with the surroundings? What kind of paint will weather the best? And, of course if your building is a listed building or in conservation, planning permission may be required. We here at GME have many years’ experience dealing with exterior painting, so allow us to share our top tips that we’ve picked up along the way.

Preparation is still key!

As with interior decorating, preparation is perhaps the most important stage before getting to work to paint any wall. For example, if a surface is not adequately prepped then the paint will not adhere and you will most likely have to start again from scratch. It’s also important to make sure that walls are clean and dry before you start painting.

Ensure that anything like mould, dust, dirt, or cobwebs. It should also be noted that if the walls have been painted previously, it’s important to remove any flaking paint with a pressure washer or wire brush and use filler to repair any cracks which have occurred.

Using the right equipment

In a perfect world, a scaffold tower would be the ideal solution. Making life much easier, and safer than using a ladder. If the building is really tall, full scaffolding may be needed! A roller is obviously the quickest tool to ensure that the large areas are fully coated, but if the surface is rough then a wide brush may be easier. You’ll probably need a smaller brush for getting into hard-to-reach areas. A paint canister will probably be a life saver if you’re painting up tall buildings, as exterior paint containers tend to be very large and unwieldy.

The fun part – painting!

The fun part then begins, with actually getting the painting done. Ensure you start at the top and work your way down – this way you can catch and drips and runs. Also, the same with interior painting, cut-in around the edges with a small brush first, then get to work with a larger brush or roller. When it comes to painting behind downpipes, wrap an old newspaper around the pipe so that you don’t get paint on it!

We at GME are happy to recommend any exterior painting advice, as we know what looks good and what can create the most impact to your commercial property. GME are a commercial painting contractors based in Wakefield and operating the surrounding areas.  We’re always happy to talk about any job you wish to discuss. Give one of our friendly team a call today on 01924 723 723.


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