Preparation before Painting

23rd June 2017

We here at GME always emphasise the importance of preparation before undertaking any painting work. However, many people are often confused by what we mean by preparation, and just what needs to be done before any paint touches the walls. If the preparation work hasn’t been done properly, it could mean that the paint doesn’t dry properly, which could mean more work. Allow our painting experts at GME to explain just what needs to be done before carrying out any work.


It’s important to clean the walls that you’re about to paint, to ensure that there are no unsightly marks or stains. Make sure that you use a non-toxic household cleaner, as this could cause even more problems when it comes to painting. It’s especially important to clean places like the bathroom, where deodorants and hairsprays are used as these can leave a residue on the walls that you can’t see, however they will impact the paint job. Then wait for the walls to dry.


This step is especially important if you have gloss or a semi-gloss finish. Using a paint prep and a sanding sponge, clean, and dull your walls all at the same time. The more ‘dull’ your walls are, the better the paint adhesion. Remember to wipe off any dust afterwards with a damp cloth. (It’s worth noting that if your walls have a matte finish, then this step isn’t necessary.)


Now your walls are clean, dry, and dull, the next step is to patch any holes caused by nails or anything else. Using plaster from your local DIY shop, you should be able to get an even surface once again. Once this has dried, you’ll be able to sand them down to ensure unity.


If the wall you’re painting is similar to the colour you’re going to apply, then you probably won’t need to prime. But if you’re making a drastic colour change, a primer will definitely be needed.

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