The Psychological Properties of Colour

13th February 2018

Colour can have a huge impact on our mental and physical well-being – influencing our mood and hormone releases in the brain. Some colours can provide us with motivation and energy, whilst others can relax the brain, decreasing stress levels and provide a calm feeling, both of which can be extremely beneficial in the work place.

With the right paint job, your business can continue to thrive for years to come.

Here, we thought we’d provide a brief run down of which colour schemes can be beneficial to your employees and business, to help your company run more efficiently.

RED:  Considered to be a physical colour with powerful properties, red colour schemes can give the appearance of a fuller space. It can also encourage positive feelings of courage, warmth, energy, stimulation and excitement – perfect for motivating your team of employees.

YELLOW: Yellow is considered to be an emotional colour. Its wavelength is long which means that it can be stimulating to our minds. The right kind of yellow shade will feel uplifting – providing us with an air of confidence, creativity and emotional strength. Yellow can be extremely beneficial to your work place if the company relies on the creativity of employees.

ORANGE: A bold colour which can be stimulating and provide a sense of warmth, security, abundance and fun. Orange can serve as a welcoming colour, allowing employees to feel at home within the workplace which can lead to an increase in productivity.

WHITE: Stimulating feelings of sterility, clarity and simplicity, white can help support a clear mind – the cleanliness of the colour aids the brain along in focusing on tasks, which will improve the level of work in your office. Whilst black is all about absorption, white is about reflection, a colour to bounce energy to and from – keeping the brain active.

Your workplace colour scheme is more important than you think. It’s the setting in which your employees work everyday to earn your company money. Keeping them motivated and happy is the key to success, increasing the ability to deal with workloads and deadlines. It’s a no-brainer that investing in high-quality décor will benefit the company as a whole in the long run!

If you’d like to improve your workplace decor to help motivate your team, get in touch today on 01924 723723.

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