Professional Painting and Decorating Tips – Part 1

24th July 2020

When it comes to getting that professional finish on your painting projects, the team at GME know there’s a lot to think about, from your approach, to what tools you use for maintenance and aftercare. That’s why we’ve put together this list of top tips to get you started.

  1. Be clever with colour

The colours you choose for your decorating project might be those that suit your brand, but also think about how colour creates moods or maximises light and space in smaller rooms.
Understanding colour psychology and finding the best colour for your property can really help as warm tones can be good for stimulating productivity whereas cool shades of blue and green create a more relaxing feel

2. Use painter’s tape

A great tool for not only protecting surfaces when you’re painting but also for helping to create those clean lines, painter’s tape is a less sticky version of masking tape that’s specifically designed for paint jobs. You can also use masking tape around light sockets and electrical outlets etc. to achieve a clean workspace and a professional looking job.

3. Use high quality paint

GME recommends using branded paints such as Dulux, Johnstone’s and Crown which are some of the best paint brands out there. As a professional decorating company, we only use trade branded paints which are the highest quality in the industry. Paint quality is largely affected by its formula so choosing the best brands for your paint means you’re getting better coverage and a colour that will last you longer.

4. How many coats of paint should I use?

You should always use a minimum of two coats when painting your surface but more will be needed in some circumstances. If you’re using dark or bright colours, particularly oranges, reds and yellows, we recommend adding more coats as required.

5. Choose the right painting contractor

When it comes to choosing a professional painting contractor to do the job for you, it’s essential to research what their experience is, ask for examples of their previous projects and check that they have the right insurance to carry out the work. While you might be tempted to go with the contractor who gives you the cheapest quote or fastest turnaround, remember that some painting companies might be saving time and money at the expense of a quality paint job.

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