Improving the Appeal of Yorkshire’s Offices, Warehouses and Public Venues

3rd October 2018

Offices, industrial buildings and public venues are at the heart of some of the North’s most important businesses and community spaces. Maintaining their appeal to staff, visitors, and customers is pivotal in continuing to attract them. So, to inspire some improvements to decoration, here are some quick tips for each industry and how they can help maintain or restore, or enhance their visual appeal:


A growing trend in the renovation or redesign of office space is the addition of a communal area for staff to take breaks. Sometimes called a breakaway space or just referred to as a staff room, many businesses and office buildings are including these within their building plans. They are intended to be relaxing places where staff can hold informal meetings or take a break. As part of their design, office managers should consider the interior decoration they wish to have to maximise the informal but vibrant vibe they are supposed to produce.


Industrial properties in the North of England often hold a reputation for being bleak and mundane on the inside, with grey walls and steel beams. Does the whole building have to feel like this? Something as simple as wall repaints for your industrial site, or restoration of the corridors could improve the mood of the place a little. In addition to this, you could match the interior of the warehouse to the branding of the company in terms of colour scheme.

Public venues:

Community spaces are a central cog to the operation of local councils, events and businesses. Many public venues, especially in Leeds and Wakefield have been a part of the community for decades, so maintaining their appearance is important in attracting crowds for meetings, exhibitions and performances. Site managers can consider ways in which the building could do with improvement, whether it’s the interior flooring, or external walls.

Should you require any specialist advice about the refurbishment, restoration, or renovation of your property, feel free to contact GME on: 01924 723723 or 0113 8871438. We have conducted our projects on properties in a wide selection of industries over the last 10 years; you can learn more via our case studies.

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