3 Tips for Designing a Welcoming Restaurant

12th October 2018

Running a restaurant can be tough, especially when competing with other food establishments in the area. Making yours stand out with incredible food, service and design is therefore essential. Depending on the cuisine you provide, there are a number of ways you can integrate fantastic, unique designs into your restaurant’s décor. Although food quality and pricing are the main focuses when competing against other restaurants, the way you choose to design and decorate your property will also have an impact.

So, how can you create an inviting restaurant for hungry people?

  • Focus on the entrance – Once a customer has convinced themselves your restaurant is worthy of entering, you’ll need to keep up this impression. The entrance of your restaurant is where all the magic happens. Having a welcoming space where customers can wait to be seated is the key to giving a great first impression. Use designs or colours that match your branding, to create an inviting and consistent customer journey.
  • Follow a path – From the minute your customers walk through the door, they’ll be following a path. From the door, to their tables, to facilities etc. This is a fantastic opportunity to get creative. Make the route exciting by integrating unique designs that match colour schemes or wow your customers with funky features. This is a great way to gain exposure, after all, everyone loves an Instagram opportunity!
  • Promote from the inside out – It’s all good and well having a glowing interior however, the first thing customers are going to see is the outside of your restaurant. Their decision as to whether or not they feel like your food establishment is for them will all depend on the amount of effort that has gone into your exterior. Creating an inviting exterior that reflects the values and theme of your restaurant is a fantastic way to attract new customers.

GME Painting Contractors specialise in commercial painting and decorating in and around Yorkshire. Our dedicated team have over a decade of experience within the sector. Should you require our services for your restaurant or commercial property, call us today on 01924 723723.

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