How the colour of your office impacts productivity

5th May 2017

Aside from the home, the work office is the place where a lot of people spend most of their waking hours. It therefore makes sense to make this environment as appealing as possible to employees in order to maintain morale as well as ensure productivity. One of the elements of an office which has the most impact on staff is the walls. Here, tones you choose can have a real effect on mood and output:

Yellow is often used to create a fresh and energy filled work environment. It is regarded as a warm and positive colour and is linked to innovation. It is therefore particularly popular in the creative sector amongst professionals such as writers, designers and artists.

Red does not only signal romance, it also signifies passion as well as easily draws attention to itself. With this in mind, if there is something you wish to attract employees or indeed customers too, red could be the colour to use. As it also associated with alarm though, it can be wise to use this in combination with other shades to add intensity to an area without overpowering the entire workspace.

Green and blue have the opposite effect to red in an office. They are viewed as calming colours due to their links to nature and can create a peaceful overall environment and can help to enhance productivity.

White is a shade which whilst creates a light and airy effect in a room, can also be uninspiring. This means having every single wall painted like this may not create the most conducive atmosphere for staff to work in.

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