GME’s Restoration Project at Stonefall Crematorium

22nd July 2019

This week we’ve been painting at Stonefall Crematorium, just off Wetherby Road, on the outskirts of Harrogate. Initially built in 1914, the site has historical significance, with a two-acre plot set aside for graves of servicemen from World War I and II. The crematorium also contains a municipal cemetery with 23,000 graves, a Chapel, and offices. We were called to Stonefall to carry out some essential maintenance and restoration work.    

With parts of the building over 100 years old, understandably some of the woodwork was in need of some care. The chapel itself has a pitched slate roof, stone walls, timber cladding, large oak doors and beautiful stained glass windows. The office block and reception area have external timber portions and the grounds are lined with wooden fencing, which was also suffering from general wear and tear. In order to combat this, we have been treating the timber with a powerful wood stain to add an extra layer of protection from the elements and as a preventative measure against rot.  

The wooden elements were not the only parts of the building that were starting to deteriorate due to age. The gutters and downpipes for rainwater, as well as doors and windows, looked a little worn. To fix these cosmetic defects, we used a special gloss undercoat for external fixtures. This will help preserve the life of the paint by sheltering the fittings from UV or water damage and help neaten the look of the building.  

When entering the crematorium through the main entrance, you are met by impressive black and gold gates. However, these had started to look a little dated and in need of attention. We got to work with a special metal paint for the black components whilst preserving the decorative gold leaf which will ensure better durability in the future. 

We’re very proud of the work we’ve carried out at Stonefall. We’ve improved the overall aesthetic through meticulous paintwork and restored this historic crematorium back to its prime. To find out more about extending the life of external paintwork check out our tips. To ask GME Painting for advice on your next restoration or painting project, give us a call on 01924 723723 or contact us here. 


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