Commercial interior design trends to keep an eye out for in 2020

18th December 2019

Interior design is hugely important in commercial sectors. It allows you to convey a message about your company’s values and identity, as well as determining what kind of workspace and atmosphere you want to create. If you’re looking to revamp your commercial property, you’ll want to make sure you come up with a design that will stand the test of time as well as being suitable for your current needs. Here are a few trends that you might like to keep an eye on in 2020.

Dynamic workspaces

Modern businesses tend to require a degree of adaptability, so versatility in the office is key. Dynamic workspaces, using features such as foldable furniture, movable walls and adjustable lighting, will allow businesses to maximise the space available to them and be ready for anything.


Awareness of environmental issues is at an all-time high, and businesses and consumers alike are beginning to eschew man-made materials in favour of sustainable, eco-friendly alternatives. Recycles plastics, wood and animal-friendly fabrics are great options to decrease your workspace’s environmental footprint.

Incorporating nature

In a similar vein, commercial interiors may start using more natural shapes, colours and textures in their designs. You can also expect to see more companies looking to integrate plants into their workspaces, which have proven health and psychological benefits in addition to simply looking pleasing on the eye and adding to the room’s ambience.

Bold colours and contrasts

Of course, a trend towards a more natural look doesn’t necessarily mean that commercial interiors will all suddenly become a sea of muted greens and blues. Designers are beginning to turn away from muted colour palettes and instead opt for brighter, bolder tones that could really add life to a commercial space.

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