Why Spring is the Best Time for Commercial Repaints

18th April 2019

Now that Winter is officially behind us, we are faced with a fresh, new season that is bringing us much warmer weather than expected this year. Spring is renowned for being the season of new life, cleaning away the cobwebs of Winter and starting anew. Because of this, it is a common time for commercial exterior repaints.

Spring brings a number of benefits for painting and decorating. In fact, many commercial decorators suggest planning repaints and restoration during this season for the following reasons…

  1. Warmer Weather – The obvious component. Working to a schedule can be difficult during unpredictable weather conditions, which is why Spring is a chance to grasp the opportunity of sun and fresh, cool air. Winter can be extremely difficult to work in due to rain, cold temperatures and even snow. Spring offers more manageable conditions for painting.
  2. Fixing Up Winter Damage – As mentioned above, Winter can bring extreme weather conditions, all of which can damage the exterior of a property. Cold temperatures and rain can cause cracking in paintwork and even fading. Spring is the perfect time to fix this without leaving the damage for too long. This will also show your customers that you care about regularly maintaining your property.
  3. Restoration – Warmer and brighter weather can really show off a property’s imperfections. Damage to paintwork can reveal much deeper issues, like cracks within a building itself. Whatever problems you discover, Spring is a great chance to tackle these so that your property can continue to shine throughout Summer and Autumn before Winter hits again.

GME specialise in commercial painting, decorating and restoration in and around the Yorkshire area. Based in Wakefield, our team of skilful individuals pay close attention to detail and understand the need for perfection when it comes to your commercial property.

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