Tips for choosing the right paint equipment

8th February 2017

When starting a new paint job, choosing the equipment can become a little overwhelming. After visiting your local DIY store, you’re faced with numerous options, brands and styles and it can be hard to know what will suit your requirements best. Here at GME, we know the difficulties that this can cause, and can often lead to you putting off any painting works for as long as possible! So, we’re here to make life a little easier for you, and offer our expertise.

Paint Brush

At first glance, you’d certainly be forgiven for thinking all paint brushes are the same. However, this is not the case, and in fact you may be making your painting somewhat harder by choosing the wrong ones.

So, if the area you’re looking to paint is large, or you plan on using it repeatedly, then it’s worthwhile investing in a premium brush as this will actually give a better finish. Premium brushes hold the paint better, are easier to clean, and of course, will last much longer. You will probably find, that these brushes actually work out cheaper in the long run than buying cheaper brushes as they will last much longer.

When buying a brush, it’s important to look at the bristles. It’s an easy mistake for novice painters to buy the wrong brush with the wrong bristles which means the paint does not settle properly leaving stripes. More often than not, a cheaper brush will have cheaper bristles and are likely to leave noticeable marks.

Paint Roller

Choosing a paint roller can be even more challenging than a paint brush. It’s critical to achieving a good paint job to match the roller material to the type of paint you’re using. The rule generally is a paint roller should not be cheap, as to achieve a better finish you should be looking for more quality. The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ is certainly the case here.

Paint rollers vary in sizes, the standard is 9 inch, but larger or smaller alternatives will be available from big DIY stores. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the fabric of the roller. For example: sheepskin, lamb’s wool, mohair and synthetic each with different benefits. Mohair is typically used for smoother surfaces, whereas lamb’s wool holds more paint and produces less spatters than synthetic covers.

However, if this all seems like too much work you could always get the professionals in. GME are a commercial painting contractors based in Wakefield, and are always happy to talk about any job you wish to discuss. Our number is 01924 723 723.



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