The Minimalist Office: is less more?

27th September 2016

The less is more approach has been on the rise over the past decade, even more so within the office. Minimalism has become all the rage with companies across the globe taking the more basic and functional décor for their workspaces. As it rises as a go-to-style for more and more businesses, GME look at why this ancient Japanese style is now the biggest trend in office decoration.

The major benefit to businesses for implementing the minimalist office? In line with the minimalist objectives, costs are also kept clean and uncomplicated. What business would not look to a more cost effective solution to kit out their office – furnishing and decorating the office is renowned for being an expensive enterprise. Smaller businesses and starts ups easily see the benefit of spending less money. Basically, less money on decorating the office, more money for other resources needed to expand.

Less money equals less clutter right? Well, this can actually have even more of a positive impact around the office. 47% of workers surveyed by Office Depot in 2011 believe that disorganisation and clutter leads to lost time. Therefore, minimalism can actually lead to employees being more organised and more focused on their tasks. More positive and a happier outlook is promoted with a sense of organisation and consistency. Whereas simplicity and symmetry can have a calming effect on workers. Overall, minimalism is great at reducing bureaucracy.

The open plan office is integral to the minimalist design theory. Whilst not an option for some offices, creative industries really benefit from the workforce being able to collaborate and interact with ease. It also gives the notion of a more spacious working environment, and if expansion of the team is on the horizon, the space is available without an expensive relocation. And if not? The choice to have a great amount of space at your disposal makes for a more ergonomic working environment.

If you’re thinking of transforming your offices to the cutting edge style, and need that fresh lick of paint to get the ball rolling, then give GME a call. We’re a commercial painting contractors based in Wakefield, covering surrounding areas including Leeds, Barnsley, Bradford and Huddersfield and are always happy to talk about any job you wish to discuss. Our number is 01924 723 723.

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