Production and the colour of your office go hand in hand

17th November 2017

When redecorating an office, it’s likely that you have a colour scheme in mind. This may be based on your company’s brand colours or personal preference. Whichever shade you decide on, it is worth bearing in mind that different colours can affect productivity in the workplace. Here are some of the most commonly used colours and the reasons why:


The colour green represents the natural environment and conveys messages of sustainability. It is also known to work well in places where staff work long shifts due to its calming effect.


This colour is regarded as a happy, optimistic one and is therefore favoured by many businesses as a way of motivating staff. Design companies in particular tend to opt for yellow as it is also believed that it can encourage creativity amongst employees.


Another popular colour for offices is blue. This is because it is thought to help workers focus and carry out their work more effectively. This can be good for busy offices where concentration and productivity are key to meet short term targets and goals.


The colour red traditionally stands for romance or passion and in an office environment it is useful for drawing attention to specific office features. However, companies should be cautious about painting all of their office red. This colour is also associated with anger and emotion and could have a negative effect on productivity if too much is used.

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