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9th March 2017

We here at GME know how important it is to make a positive first impression, and usually that’s the entrance to your office. However, take a few steps back, does the exterior of your office match the impression you want to give to newcomers? We’ve made a list of things to consider when you’re wondering if your exterior is up to scratch.

Front Door

The entrance to your office is probably a simple colour, like white, black, or grey, which is fine, if that represents your business. However, if you’re going to keep the colour simple, ensure that this remains in good condition. Having a door with paint chipped off, or looking tired and worn gives the exact impression of your company.

If your company has more personality than that, then maybe consider a door which matches that. With your front door, you’re definitely allowed to be as creative as possible! Going for a different shade of colour will let visitors know what the culture of your business is straight from the off.

Brick Exteriors

When looking at your exterior of your offices, it’s important that your building also matches your personality, but that it is also kept up to scratch. When deciding a colour, it’s probably best to choose earthy and subtle colours. If you’re looking for something a little more vibrant with the front door, then the whole exterior is not the place to exert too much personality. You also don’t want to attract too much negative attention to your building.

A few simple items outside the office could also be the finishing touch you’re looking for. Things such as pots of flowers, or even hanging baskets could really ensure that you bring that warmth atmosphere to your business before anyone even walks in.

GME are a commercial painting contractors based in Wakefield and operating the surrounding areas.  We’re always happy to talk about any job you wish to discuss, and give any advice where required on how to spruce up the exterior of your business. Give one of our friendly team a call today on 01924 723 723.


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