Office Design to Inspire Creativity

6th June 2019

A recent survey of 2,000 British workers found that only 43% believed the design of their office environment inspired creativity and innovation. Over a third of employees went one step further to say that working in a more exciting workplace would decrease their level of absence. This indicates that businesses should be taking a closer look at how they design their office. We’ve put together some suggestions on where to start.

A study from the University of Exeter found that personalisation was key to employee satisfaction. Staff were split into groups that were allowed varying amounts of personalisation. Those who designed their own space, known as the ’empowered’ workers, were permitted to add family photos and other imagery, as well as arrange desks and chairs, how they liked. The results showed that ’empowered’ workers were 30% more productive than those who were allowed little to no personalisation. Pets in the workplace have also been found to boost productivity and have health benefits. There is strong evidence that Dogs At Work schemes in particular provide employees with emotional support,  reduce stress, and encourage exercise by taking dogs on walks.

Our workplace environment is also affected by other factors such as decoration, temperature and lighting. Any images on the walls should reflect the vibe of the brand. Natural light can not always be guaranteed, but an open plan layout will help make the most of what there is and adding a few plants can be a simple way of injecting some nature into the space. Brightly coloured offices spark enjoyment and styling the furniture in a minimal fashion, will not only help reduce clutter, but also create a calming atmosphere. If you are unsure as to what bright colour may be best for your industry, check out our previous post for some tips.

If your office allows for a variety of work stations, you should take advantage of this. A designated space for employees to recharge and relax in at break times is essential. Diverse spaces such as meeting pods, informal areas with beanbags, quiet zones or open plan desks, create adaptable conditions for all employees, whether they prefer being more collaborative or working alone.

For more advice on decorating your office space, give GME Painting Contractors a call on 01924 723 723. GME specialise in painting commercial spaces throughout Wakefield and the surrounding areas.

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