How to Know it’s Time to Repaint your Property

15th March 2019

Maintaining a commercial property is essential when operating a business. Image is everything, so having a poor exterior or interior can lead to a bad first impression, and potentially impact the chance of gaining business.

It’s common to assume that maintenance includes tidying around and making sure an area looks clean, however it’s much more than this.

Painting and decorating should be a priority within maintenance processes as this can represent a brand, showing care and attention to detail. After all, a damaged exterior with chipped paintwork will appear careless and lazy, and possibly deter customers away.

So, how do you know it’s time for a repaint?

  • Cracked and chipped paintwork – This is the most common sign of wear when it comes to paintwork and is easily fixable. It’s important to consider how a customer would view your property. You wouldn’t want to invest in a company that has a poor paint job, would you?
  • Fading – Fading usually comes with age, after all, paintwork is not made to last forever, especially on the exterior of a property. The sun can bleach paintwork, causing it to fade into an unrecognisable colour from the one it originally was. Using high quality, durable paints and the correct processes can help reduce the effect of this.
  • Unreadable Signage – An obvious sign that it’s time to repaint your property is unreadable signage. If you can’t understand or read your own sign due to missing letters or fading, a customers will not either. New customers will not be able to recognise who you are, which is why tackling this and providing a positive image for your business is essential.

We are quality driven and highly experienced painters and decorators based in Wakefield. Our wide skill set, and experience has allowed us to provide high-quality paintwork throughout Yorkshire for years. If you’ve got a project for us, call us today on 01924 723723.

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