How internal decoration is important to your company

5th September 2016

Every established company knows appearance and a well decorated public space is important in creating a great impression. Whether it be commercial retail space, restaurants or receptions they all need to be finished to a high standard befitting your business.

It is vital however not to neglect the internal decoration of your company. Offices, break rooms and meeting spaces are where most of your essential background work gets done, and it is equally important that care is taken to create the right working atmosphere for your employees, as well as impressing clients. Studies have shown a well decorated working environment can have a number of surprising side effects:

Boosts morale

The colours you use in the office have been proven to affect the morale and mood of your staff. A recent study at the University of Texas found that cold colours such as grey, beige and white induce feelings of sadness and melancholy in workers. It is best then to opt for low wavelength colours that are also found in nature, such as calming greens and blues that can instil a serene sense of wellbeing within workers.

Boosts productivity

Most companies are under the impression that crisp, clean neutral colours creates a ‘blank canvas’ for creative ideas, however if you are looking to invigorate and motivate your staff consider painting your office with splashes of brighter, more intense colours. For example yellow is the colour of energy and a touch of this on your walls can spread innovation within the office.

Reflects your business

A poorly maintained, run-down office area suggest mismanagement and an indifferent attitude towards your workers. So whether a public space or back-house function, you should have a consistency of quality throughout that reflects the ethos of your company.

If you think your business needs a facelift, GME Painting Contractors are based in Wakefield and can provide bespoke contracting services designed around your budget and time frame across Wakefield, Leeds, Barnsley, Bradford and Sheffield. Just get in touch with the team for more details.

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