GME work with Wakefield Hospice

18th January 2018

Wakefield Hospice is well known throughout the city of Wakefield for the excellent care it provides and the money it raises every year by its many volunteers. One way it raises some of its funds is by having a handful of charity shops around the city centre and prior to Christmas, the GME team worked with Wakefield Hospice to complete the decoration of their new shop on George Street.

Our team helped decorate the entirety of the shop, from painting the ceilings to the woodwork, and picking out and decorating feature walls to brighten up the shop. Having done such a great job, the team are now back in 2018 helping with some dilapidation work.

With plans to move out of an old warehouse comprising of 2 units, our team are now decorating this property to restore it back to how it was when Wakefield Hospice initially moved in, being a requirement from the landlord.

This is a very common requirement within the commercial renting sector. When coming to the end of a contract with a commercial landlord, the consequences of not restoring the property back to how it was when the tenant first moved in can be very costly, often as a result of the landlord overcharging the tenant.

One of the reasons for the costly nature of this is because landlords hire management and contracts companies who all add profit onto their costs meaning any dilapidation or decoration work ends up being very expensive.  Because of this, it is much more beneficial and more cost effective for a tenant to organise for decorators, like GME, to carry out any work before the tenancy is up.

At GME, this type of work is something we regularly do across Yorkshire, in order to help save tenants time, money and to restore properties back to a high standard.

If you would like to know more about the services our experienced team provide throughout the region, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01924 723 723.

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