Do different colours and wallpapers change your room?

24th February 2017

Choosing the right colour for your room is vital, the impact of colour or wallpaper can change the atmosphere, feel and even enhance the shape of a room. Therefore, we here at GME, think it’s important to question a couple of things before finalising the decision for what colour to paint a room. Things to consider include, is the room light or dark? Does it face the sun? What is the shape of the room (i.e. is it long, small or even the ceiling height) and finally, what is the use of the room? Once, you’ve got the answer to all those questions, it’s time to go colour hunting!

Careful planning of the right colour can save you time, hassle and money and can ensure a more successful end result. The next thing to consider is manufacturer (which can be just as hard as choosing the colour!). Manufacturers produce a wide variety of paints and papers, which include different colours, finishes, styles and textures. This can make the choice even harder, and can become somewhat overwhelming. We here at GME advise that taking a picture of the room, and painting it different colours or testing out different combinations, will ensure that you pick the right combination for the room.

The way the colours or wallpaper are placed can really impact the room. For example choosing a warmer colour is known to create a cosy effect, by giving the illusion that the walls are brought closer to you. Whilst contrasting that is a ‘cool’ colour, which pushes the surface away, which creates an impression of space. Using both a dark floor and a dark ceiling can create a similar effect, as it brings both the surfaces together, making the room seem somewhat smaller. Vertical stripes on the other hand draw the eye upwards, and this creates height, which is particularly great for smaller offices.

We at GME are happy to recommend any colour or wallpaper advice, as we know what looks good and what can create the most impact to your offices. GME are a commercial painting contractors based in Wakefield and operating the surrounding areas.  We’re always happy to talk about any job you wish to discuss. Give one of our friendly team a call today on 01924 723 723.

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