Different paint finishes explained

2nd June 2017

Choosing the right finish for your office is important to get right to ensure that the job is completed to the standard you expect. However, we often get asked about the different paints and what finishes they have. Therefore, we’ve decided to give you a little helping hand as to what the different finishes each paint has. We here at GME are experts in all things painting, and have many years’ experience dealing with all paint styles.

Matt emulsion – Leaves a smooth and velvety finish. Matt emulsion is great for rough surfaces and trying to hide any imperfections on the walls.

Flat Matt emulsion – A smoother option leaving a more ‘velvety’ look. Because matt surfaces don’t reflect light, they make all colours look as similar as they can in different lighting conditions. Flat matt is a good option for darker and deeper colours.

Satin and Silk – These are considered to be ‘mid sheen’ finishes, they make walls look like a slightly polished surface and reflect some light. Silk is best on walls, whereas satin is woodwork. You can wipe silk wall finishes easy, which makes them practical. However, they do not hide imperfections quite the same as matt emulsion. However, satin can help to hide woodwork imperfections and gives a softer appearance too.

Eggshell – This has less sheen than silk or satin, and does actually look like the surface of an eggshell! It’s considered to be in the middle of matt and a silk finish and gives a classic finish, particularly to woodwork. This can be used on walls when trying to achieve a heritage look.

Gloss – This is a shiny finish, which is more so designed for woodwork. Gloss reflects lots of lights, so optimal results are achieved with paler colours. You have to have a great surface to make it look its best, but it is hugely practical.

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