Decorating Ideas for Small Budgets

1st August 2016

Redecorating your office doesn’t need to cost the earth. All it takes is a spark of an idea and a little creativity to create a big impact. Here at GME Contractors we have come up with a few bold design ideas for small budgets:

Wall art

Getting creative with what you hang on your wall is an inexpensive way of transforming your space and is easy to change up whenever the mood takes you. Plus the possibilities are endless! From canvases with bold colours and prints to framed company testimonials and photos, try clusters pictures together to create an eclectic feature wall. What a great way to impress a new business. Another top tip is scouring affordable art houses or looking online for art graduates selling their work, to find a great piece of art you love without the price tag.

Experiment with colour

Painting is a quick, easy way to creatively give your space a facelift and can set the best first impressions. Plus you can always paint it back to its original colour if you change your mind so don’t be afraid to get adventurous! Try picking interesting architectural details such as an archway or skirting boards to paint in contrasting colours, creating a high end look on a low end budget.

Get Identity

Rather than hiding away your corporate belongings and having a dull and minimalistic space, embrace them as a design feature, a unique tip that not only adds a personal touch to a space, but is completely free! For example, add character to a boardroom with a feature wall of awards, or how about display your pop up banner in the reception for a grand welcome. With a little bit of flair and imagination anything can make an impact.

GME Painting Contractors is an experienced team of professional painters and decorators, providing high quality contracting services to the commercial sector, get in touch with the team on 01924 723723.

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